lunedì 30 marzo 2015


Sneakers were a must of the preview season and also of this spring.
Brand like Chanel , Valentino and of course nike and Adidas launched on the market their shoes with their personal style . For example  Adidas has just created a new line available in all colors,
yeah these sneakers  are more bright and cheerful but for me the perfect sneakers are black or white .
In this post i wear a pair of pink -white-black shoes with leather pants . 
Now enjoy the post 

domenica 15 marzo 2015


I woke up , i opened my window and .. i saw a lot of clouds . 
yes it's not definitely spring today so this isn't a typical " light look" by the way  it's a right combination for this day . 
I love the match of violet pant(H&M) and hunter green jacket(Zara) , the top belongs to zara's spring collection .
This casual look is for who want to be different but casual without excess. Now guys i have to go back to project an advertising campaign . 
hope you enjoy . 

lunedì 9 marzo 2015



Hi !
spring is coming and i want to wear colorful clothes or shorts or .. yeah actually i want summer not spirng but it's another story ! 
this is the look of today : 
a sort of spring style with red bag and boots and a balck wide pants  
By the way the " best " part of the outfit is the jacket ! 
it's hunter green and it's a must of this season . 
So enjoy the post ! 

instagram : milca_way